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  • Kathie Orr, KWETB - FLIP-IDEAL project

'Get Connected' - what is the additional learning resource about?

‘Get Connected’ is a user-friendly, digital teaching and learning resource, designed to support adult educators to use the flipped learning approach with basic skills learners who are developing digital skills. The learning gained in the FLIP-IDEAL project gave us the knowledge and tools to develop this resource as a further project output.

Why was it created? It was designed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, to support adult learners to upskill in order to be more equipped to participate in a changed world and learning environment. The target learners are adults taking their first steps back to education, who may have few digital skills.

What does it comprise?

It comprises

(1) a flipped online resource, divided into bite sized learning units and covering the following topics:

- Tools for Learning – using the mobile phone - Tools for Learning – learning in a virtual classroom - Keeping in touch – sending messages - Looking for information – searching the internet

- Keeping safe online

and (2) accompanying printable tutor notes with sample class outlines and ideas for active teaching and learning activities for face to face or virtual class time.

Why is it suitable for basic skills learners?

  • Highly user-friendly. No login or password is required. The open link to the online resource can be sent to learners by message or email. The whole course can be accessed via one this link. No downloading or navigating between links is required.

  • Works on all devices. The only device which many of our learners have access to for learning is a mobile phone. The online content has good functionality on phones, tablet, laptops and PCs.

  • Accessible. Plain English text tailored for basic skills learners and there is a version with a voiceover to support learners with literacy issues.

  • Interactive. Integrated self-marking quiz activities. These encourage creative repetition to embed learning and enable learners to assess their own progress and develop independent learning strategies.

What has the response been?

In KWETB, we are currently using ‘Get Connected’ as an induction resource at two of our Centres, ensuring that learners have the digital skills they need to undertake their course modules in an online/blended learning environment.

Teacher feedback is that ‘Get Connected’ is a very useful and adaptable resource. They can use the materials in a face to face setting, for online classes and can supplement it with their own resources. Its flipped learning approach is perfect in the current environment where class time is more limited; learners enjoy being able to find a quiet time in their day to work through the course content independently on their own device and review it as often as they want. This frees up face to face or online class time for more active learning activities.

The demand for, and relevance of, such a flipped resource, specifically tailored for basic skills learners, has been evidenced by the fact that since we rolled out the resource in September 2020 to the date of writing (15th January 2021) there have been 1,541 unique views of the voiceover version of the resource and 620 unique views of the text only version.

Kathie Orr, Kildare and Wicklow Education and Training Board, (KWETB), Ireland

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